Sunday, November 20, 2005

"i found your photo" - Project Philosophy

A Littoral Art Project by Experimental Mississippi Photographer James W. Bailey

My philosophy for this project is motivated by my deep belief in the concept and practices of Littoral Art. Littoral Art is concerned with using art in creative approaches and projects to address critical social problems. The artist Bruce Barber coined the expression Littoral Art.

More can be read on this philosophy here.

Basically, Littoral Artists believe that art can and should move out of the traditional institutional structure of contemporary art museums and galleries and into the real world of real concerns by real people for the purpose of positively addressing the serious issues that confront us as a society.

I want to demonstrate through this project that it is possible to develop a wide audience of people who might normally never be interested in attending or participating in an art exhibition and to involve them in a creative way to help raise money for an issue of importance: the issue of creative at-risk youth who have limited opportunities to pursue their creative dreams.


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