Sunday, November 20, 2005

"Phones" by Melanie De Cola.


Anonymous Gee said...

Of the small handful of photos I saw on this website, I was amazed when one was immediately recognized. This is the bus stop on Market St. in San Francisco where, for years, I stood to wait for the number 5 bus to take me home after the workday (or night) was done. I recognize this exact same view, mainly while waiting with tens of other people, through rain and wind and cold and sun, to see if we'd all fit on the next bus coming our way. To the left (in front of the See's candy store) was a bar where it often seemed as if everyone inside had been happily drinking since noon. And more than once did I enviously hope that my bus would arrive so that I could leave the financial district, go find my neighborhood friends and emulate the joy and buffoonery that I heard from inside.
I think I used the phones once in all of that time.

5:47 PM  

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